The Classic Metal Panel

The Classic Ag Panel is 36″ wide with ribs every 9 inches

Metal Roofing is used on many different types of structures. Metal can be found on houses, barns, chicken coops, and sheds. The most popular panel used today is known by many names. It is called the Ag Panel, Classic Panel, Sturdi panel, or Tuff rib. This classic and tough panel has been used on roofs across America for generations.

Large companies like Fabral, Central States, and Metal Sales have been manufacturing this  panel for years. These companies sold metal throughout the United States via dealer networks. Customers would place orders and the metal would arrive several weeks later.

In recent years many smaller companies have gotten into the business. These smaller, regional metal formers are able to produce the same strong, attractive panels for less money and with a quicker turn around time. Often metal is available the same day or a day after it is ordered.

As the metal roofing market has tightened, customers have benefited. More metal formers means lower prices, better service, and more quality products. Companies have increased the number of colors they offer. Metal is available in up to twenty different colors ranging from White to Bright Red. A new product from Valspar, called textured paint, is also now available from many local roll formers.

Below are several different applications.

The Barn

The House

The Chicken Coop

The Garage

The Tiny House

The classic metal panel works great for these and many other uses.

Search the web today to find your local metal Roll Former. Chances are there is a company nearby that can make you some great metal today! If you are in Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, or Delaware visit for all your metal roofing needs. Wagler Steel manufactures the Wagler Panel, a classic metal panel, and all the trims needed to complete your metal project.

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