Steel Coils to Metal Panels

Wagler Steel uses flat rolled Steel Coils to make our metal roofing and trim. All of our steel is sourced from the United States. Most of it comes from Steel Dynamics, Inc.

This year we have seen a steel shortage, and prices are on the rise. Our supply chain has been tested, but we have been able to keep our colors in stock! We are your metal roofing supplier in Lancaster, PA, New Jersey, and Maryland.

Our Steel Coils weigh 4-5 Tons each. They are 40.875″ wide and 4-5,000 feet long.
Our Coils for Standing Seam are only 20.5″ wide.
Each Coil has tags showing weight, linear feet, mill name, and number. This black Textured Coil is like gold right now because there is a shortage on the market.
Our Tipped Coil Racks allow for quick changeover on colors
The flat steel is unrolled
The finished Wagler Panel comes out of the Roll Former.
This Awesome Video shows hour our Flat Rolled Coils are made.

And that’s how the metal roofing and siding at Wagler Steel is made. Call or email us today for a free quote!

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