Standing Seam Metal Roofing in Lancaster, PA

Why should you consider Standing Seam Metal Roofing as an option for your next roof?

Standing Seam Metal Roofing lasts much longer than shingles. It has a 40 year paint warranty and should last between 80 and 100 years. Metal Roofs look amazing and they are 100% percent recyclable. That means they are made from recycled material and can also be recycled in 100 years when they wear out. Shingles last hundreds of years in landfills while metal can be used again and again!

A standing Seam metal roof also costs less than shingles for the life of the roof. While shingles might cost a little less up front, the metal roof will last much longer. Don’t believe shingle claims about 50 year warranties. Read the fine print. Shingles are expected to last 20 years.

So the 4 reasons to consider standing seam. It looks Great, It lasts a long time. It’s sustainable. Costs less.

Why choose Wagler Steel if you are in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland?

Reason 1. Price and Quality

Wagler Steel sells some of the best USA made steel at competitive prices. Our Standing Seam Metal is standard 26 ga. with the same Sherwin Williams 40 Year Warranty that is found on our 36” Wagler Panel. Our 16” panel has been used on many projects, from porch roofs to commercial buildings and new houses. We maintain industry leading quality with competitive pricing.

Manufacturing Standing Seam Roofing in Paradise, PA.

Reason 2. Availability

As Lead times have increased in the past year, we increased our inventory levels to meet demand. We stock over 50 standing seam coils. 15 Smooth and 7 Textured colors. Our new warehouse and standing seam manufacturing space allows us to store more coils and get your jobs done faster. Let us do your next Standing Seam Job! Most jobs are made and crated in our shop, but we can take our machine  on-site for large jobs.

Wagler Steel has over 50 standing seam coils in stock.

So why Choose Wagler Steel. We have great prices, great quality, and we have standing seam roofing available today. We can deliver to Southeastern PA, MD, and NJ.


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