Sliding Door Hardware

At Wagler Steel most of our time and energy is spent making quality metal and trim for contractors and home owners. Our goal is to manufacture quality metal to sell at affordable prices within 2 hours of the Lancaster, PA area.

When we opened a year ago we planned to sell only metal, trim, and a few accessories. Since then we have added additional products. We are now selling sliding door track and side rails in various lengths. We also sell rollers and other hardware. These products are made by MWI and are manufactured in the United States.

Now Stocking Sliding Door Hardware

We are also selling ceiling access doors for metal ceilings. If you use our economical panels for the interior of your building this access door is an easy way to get to the area above the ceiling.

Ceiling Access Doors Available 24×36 and 24×48

Other things we have recently added here at Wagler Steel in Paradise are: Trim nails in most colors, and caulk in all our colors.

Now Stocking Caulk in all our colors.

As we grow will continue to add products that go along with metal roofing and siding. If you think we should carry something let us know and we just might by the next time you call. Our primary goal remains to manufacture and sell quality roofing and siding in the Lancaster area.

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