Metal Siding

When seeking a durable and high-quality siding solution, metal siding panels prove to be an excellent choice. Our metal siding comes with a 40-year warranty and is offered in a variety of finishes and colors, allowing you the flexibility to choose the one that suits your preferences. Explore the reasons why metal siding is a superb option and examine the possibilities and advantages that our metal siding panels can offer! Our dedication is to deliver top-notch steel siding to our customers, and we are unwavering in our commitment to uphold that dedication!

Metal Siding

When you are completing a barn, garage or other structure Wagler Steel has the metal panels you need for your next metal siding project. The metal siding provides you with a premium product capable of being an excellent barrier against the wind rain and whatever other weather comes our way.

Metal Siding Options

Wagler Steel offers top-quality metal panels ideal for your barn, garage, or any structure requiring metal siding. Our metal siding ensures a premium barrier against wind, rain, and diverse weather conditions. Among our highly sought-after products, metal roofing panels take the lead, featuring three distinct types: The Wagler Panel, Paradise Panel, and the Board and Batten. Crafted from heavy gauge steel, these metal roofing panels are coated with high-quality Sherwin Williams paint, specifically designed for an even fade over time, ensuring a durable roof that will maintain its quality appearance for years to come.

Steel Siding Features

paint roller
40-year Paint

Sherwin Williams Weather XL Warranty

28-Guage Steel

Galvalume sheet metal

Custom Length

Cut to length up to 35′ long

quick time
Quick Turnaround

Panels processed in 24-48 hours

Why Choose Metal Siding Over Vinyl?

Should I choose metal siding over vinyl siding? If you would like siding that lasts a long time and doesn’t crack every time it is bumped, then you definitely should consider metal siding. Every type of siding has pros and cons, but we believe that it is worth investing in metal siding for your building. Below are three reasons to choose metal siding over vinyl.


Our metal siding panels are built with Galvalume which is tough and corrosion resistant. Because of this, there is a 40-year warranty on these panels. Steel is much stronger than vinyl and won’t crack and break when facing extreme weather. Overall, metal siding is stronger and tougher than vinyl. 


The toughness of metal siding also makes it last a long time. Vinyl often can last 20-30 years, maybe longer, while metal panels can last 60+ years. If you don’t want to worry about replacing your siding for decades, steel is the way to go. 

Fire Resistance

Metal siding doesn’t burn, making it fire-resistant. If you own a shop or shed where you are welding or cutting metal, having a fire barrier could be beneficial. 

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At Wagler Steel, we care about more than just the roof over your head. Take the stress out of your next project by working with a knowledgeable Lancaster metal roofing manufacturer.

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Trims and Accessories For Metal Siding

At Wagler Steel, our commitment extends beyond metal siding panels, as we also provide a comprehensive selection of metal siding trim, fasteners, and additional accessories. Whether you’re tackling a barn, garage, or any structure, we offer the right products to facilitate your project.

From J-Channel to Gable Flashing, we manufacture a variety of trims to complement our steel siding panels. In addition to these, we supply fasteners, soffits, snow guards, and a diverse range of accessories essential for your metal siding project. Explore our metal siding trims and accessories by clicking below, and make sure you have everything you need for a successful project.

Metal Siding Finishes


Weather XL smooth

The Weather XL finish is the typical metal siding look with a high-gloss finish. We have 21 colors to choose from in this option, giving you the option to select a color that you like.

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Weather XL Crinkle

Our Weather XL Crinkle gives a textured look to our metal siding panels. Available in nine colors, this finish blends in with the surroundings and gives it a softer look. We also have fasteners and caulk to match.

Weather XL smooth

Give your building the warm wooden look with one of our two Textured Wood Grain finishes that combine the wooden look with the metal durability. This is only available with the Wagler Panel and the Board and Batten. 

FAQ About Metal Siding

Does metal siding get hot?

No. During the summer, metal siding may get warm like everything else, but it does not absorb lots of heat, keeping it relatively cool. 

Do I need building wrap before I install metal siding?

Yes. Before installing metal siding, you should install building wrap to better seal off your building. If you have a barn or shed that isn’t airtight, then you could consider skipping it.

Does metal siding absorb moisture?

No. metal siding does not absorb moisture, preventing moss and fungus from growing on it. 

Can metal siding be repainted?

Metal siding can be repainted if you decide on a color change after it is installed. If fact, it is one of the easier siding materials to repaint.

Should metal siding go the whole way to the ground? 

No. It is better if there is several inches of distance between the siding and the ground. 

What is a square of siding?

Often, siding is measured by “square” which is equal to 100 square feet. However, trim is measured by linear feet.

Metal Siding Panel Sizes

Our production capabilities cover a broad range of metal panel sizes. Starting at a minimum length of 28 inches, our Paradise Panel and Wagler Panel can be cut into lengths up to 35 feet, while the Board and Batten Panels are available in lengths up to 20 feet.  

Both the Wagler Panel and Paradise Panel have a width of 36 inches while Board and Batten panels are crafted to cover 10-inch widths. This versatility in size options empowers you to obtain panels cut to your exact specifications, contributing to a more efficient and effective construction process.

Ready to win?

If you need a high-end panel for an upscale residential property, or simple panels for a barn roof or pole barn, we are ready to serve you. No matter the size and scale of the project, we are here for you and your home or business. Forget about long wait times and poor customer service. At Wagler Steel, we are well stocked with what you need, and a real person is just a phone call away!