Steel Roofing and Siding | Paradise Panel

If your roof is showing signs of wear and tear, it’s time to consider a replacement. At Wagler Steel, our steel roofing and siding panels offer a durable, high-quality solution for your needs. Choosing American-made steel roofing can provide a long-lasting and dependable option that you can take pride in. Make the most of our stylish Paradise Panel for your project!

Durable Steel Roofing And Siding

We are proud to introduce our newest steel roofing and siding solution, the Paradise Panel. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, Paradise Panels are expertly designed using 28-gauge Galvalume metal sheets, resembling standing seam, but at a much lower cost. Our innovative ribbing design serves as a reliable safeguard, ensuring that water is effectively directed away from your home and channeled into your gutters. This panel can be used on the roof, as exterior siding and interior siding. These panels can be cut to lengths from 28” in length to 35’ long. You can enjoy the peace of mind that your home remains protected and secure, shielded from the harshest elements.

Steel Roofing and Siding | Paradise Panel

How We Make The Paradise Panel

Steel Roofing and Siding | Paradise Panel Features

paint roller
40-year Paint

Sherwin Williams Weather XL Warranty

28-Gauge Steel

Galvalume sheet metal

Cut TO LEngth

Custom Lengths up to 35′ long

quick time
Prompt Handling

Panels Manufactured in 24-48 hours

Our Paradise Panel is a versatile steel roofing and siding panel that will fit every situation. We manufactured them to be 36″ wide with ribs that run every 12″. To make it easier to install, we will cut the panels to a custom length, from 28″ long to 40′ long. The Paradise Panel is available in our entire selection of colors, including our iconic wood style!

The Paradise Panel is primarily designed as a roofing solution, but it makes excellent siding as well. For trim and finish pieces, the Wagler Panel trims are constructed for both the Wagler Panel and the Paradise Panel. Explore our selection of colors with our 3D Colorizer, where you can see each color on a building. With versatility and durability combined into one panel, look no further and begin your project today!

Steel Roofing SIding Finish Options

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We have other types of steel roofing and siding that are made of the same quality material that our Paradise Panels are made. Check out our Wagler Panel, Standing Seam Panel, or Board and Batten Panel by clicking below and see which style you like the best!

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No matter if you need a high-end panel for an upscale residential property, or simple panels for a barn roof, or pole barn, we are ready to serve you. No matter the size and scale of the project, we are here for you and your home or business. Forget about long wait times and poor customer service, at Wagler Steel we are well stocked with what you need, and speaking with a real person is just a phone call away!