Metal Roofing

When you need a long-lasting and quality roofing solution, metal roofing panels are a great choice. Our metal roofing comes with a 40-year warranty and is available in many finishes and colors, allowing you to pick the one that you like. Below, read why metal roofing is an excellent choice, and look at the options and opportunities that our metal roofing panels can afford! Our passion is to provide our customers with quality metal roofs, and we are committed to continuing that passion on!

Metal Roofing

As your Lancaster Metal roofing manufacturer, we are happy to offer you 2 styles of metal panels. Our first sheet metal roofing panel is the traditional Wagler Pannel which offers a classic look. The second panel we offer is the Standing Seam Panel which boasts a modern and clean look.

Metal Roofing options

Metal roofing is the number one item sold to our customers. Your metal roofing panels are available in 2 types The Wagler Panel and Standing Seam. The metal roofing is made from heavy gauge steel and painted with high-quality Sherwin Willaims paint. The paint utilized on your metal roofing is designed to have an even fade over time promising a quality-looking metal roof for years to come.

Metal Roofing Features

paint roller
40-year Paint

Sherwin Williams Weather XL Warranty

28 or 26 -Guage Steel

Galvalume sheet metal

Custom Length

Cut to length up to 35′ long

quick time
Quick Turnaround

Panels processed in 24-48 hours

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Why Choose Metal Roofing Over Asphalt?

Is it worth installing metal roof panels on my building? If you are looking for an excellent roof, then the answer is yes. Every type of roofing has its advantages and disadvantages, but we believe that metal roofing panels are a better choice most of the time over shingles. Below are four reasons to choose metal roofing.


Our metal panels have a 40-year warranty, and they can last longer than 50 or 60 years. Because they are made of Galvalume Steel, they stand up to weather very well, and are very tough. When matched up, they outperform shingles in almost every category. The reason that most people go with shingles is that they have a cheaper cost upfront and can be noisy if not installed properly. Shingles, in general, will most likely cost more because they only last around 15-25 years, depending on the location. 


Metal roofing panels may seem bulky to some, but a metal roof is most times lighter than a shingle roof. This is because a shingle roof has multiple layers of asphalt as compared to one thin layer of steel. For many, this is not a consideration; however, if you are concerned about the weight of the roof, metal roofing is the way to go.

Energy Efficiency

It may seem that metal roofs attract heat, but the inverse is actually true. Metal roof panels actually reflect a significant amount of heat from the sun whereas shingles absorb that heat. During the summer, your house will stay cooler with a metal roof, saving electricity during the hot months. 

Low Maintenance

Steel is very low maintenance and may seem maintenance-free for many years.  While shingles deteriorate, especially when there is snow, hail, and intense sunlight, metal roofs do not and will continue to protect your home against the elements. The amount of maintenance for a shingle roof is significantly higher than a metal roof!

Metal Roofing Panel Finishes


Weather XL smooth

The Weather XL finish is the typical metal panel look with a high-gloss look to it. We have 21 colors to choose from in this finish, making sure that you can find a color that you like.

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Weather XL Crinkle

Our Weather XL Crinkle gives a textured look to our metal panels. Available in nine colors, this finish blends in with the surroundings and fives it a softer look. We even have fasteners and caulk to match.

Weather XL smooth

We have two Textured Wood Grain finishes that will make your metal panels resemble lumber. This combines the wooden look with the metal durability. This is only available with the Wagler Panel and the Board and Batten

Trims And Accessories For Metal Roofing

Wagler Steel is dedicated to helping our customers get a roof onto their buildings; that is why we also provide metal roofing trim, fasteners, and other accessories. No matter the project that you are facing, we can equip you with the right products to get the job done.

From J-Channel to Gable Flashing, we make a range of trims to go alongside our steel roofing panels. Not only that, we also sell fasteners, soffits, snow guards, and an assortment of accessories that you may need for your roofing project. Click below to check out our metal roofing trims and accessories

FAQ About Metal Roofing

What color of metal roof is the coolest?

A light-colored roof tends to be slightly cooler than a dark-colored roof. A black roof, however, is significantly warmer than any other metal roof. 

Do I need a plywood roof decking for my metal roof?

Some buildings such as sheds and barns don’t need solid roof decking, but can be installed directly on purlins. However, any living or finished space should have roof decking installed. This makes the roof more tight overall, and reduces noise, especially when raining or hailing.

What should be put between the roof decking and the metal roofing panels?

Metal roofing does best when there is underlayment installed underneath the panels, including felt, self-adhered, or synthetic underlayment.

Should metal roofs have a drip edge?

This depends on how sealed you want your building to be. For a shed or barn, often drip edge is not included; however, for most other types of buildings, drip edge is installed. 

How far should a metal roof overhang the edge?

For most buildings, 2” can be a good guide to overhang the edge.

What is the best roofing metal type?

Most experts would agree that Galvalume steel is the best material for roofing panels. To learn more about roofing panel types, read the article 13 Types of Metal Roofing | Ultimate Guide.

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