Interior Steel Siding

Opting for interior steel siding panels ensures a durable and high-quality siding solution. Backed by a 40-year warranty, our interior metal panels are available in a diverse range of finishes and colors, allowing you to select the perfect match for your preferences. Discover the reasons why metal siding stands out as an excellent choice, and explore the options and opportunities that our interior steel siding panels can offer. Our passion is to deliver top-notch quality in siding, and we are dedicated to continuing our commitment to excellence for our valued customers!

Interior Steel Siding

When you need to finish off a workspace, interior steel siding may be just what you need. Interior steel siding, as a material, is durable and able to withstand the demands of the everyday abuse in the workshop, garage, or equipment storage building. Your finished interior steel siding project will not only look unique but will have the added benefits of enhanced durability, a paint warranty, and the added benifit to be easily cleaned.

Interior Steel Siding Options

If you are looking for a material to cover an interior wall that must be tough and durable, our interior steel siding is what you are looking for. Whether in a warehouse, cabinet shop or your garage at home, metal siding brings you a quality siding solution that will stand the test of time. 

We have three styles of interior steel siding that will work well in many situations: Wagler Panel, Paradise Panel, and Board and Batten

Interior Steel Siding Features

paint roller
40-year Paint

Sherwin Williams Weather XL Warranty

28-Guage Steel

Galvalume sheet metal

Custom Length

Cut to length up to 35′ long

quick time
Quick Turnaround

Panels processed in 24-48 hours

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Why Choose Interior Steel Siding Over Plywood?

Is it worth installing interior steel siding in my building? If you are seeking a superior interior surface, the answer is yes. Every type of interior covering has its advantages and disadvantages, but we believe that interior steel siding panels are a better choice most of the time over traditional materials. Below are three reasons to choose interior steel siding.

Fire Resistance

Interior steel siding is inherently fire-resistant, providing a valuable fire barrier. This characteristic is particularly important if you own a shop, shed, or garage where activities such as welding or metal cutting take place. Having a fire-resistant material like steel siding adds an extra layer of safety and protection in such environments.

Mold and Decay Resistant

If you occasionally get some moisture on the walls of your building, interior steel siding will outperform plywood. Plywood will absorb that moisture, leading to mold and decay over time. Metal siding, on the other, does not absorb moisture, making it ideal for inside siding applications. 


interior steel siding is incredibly durable and resistant to wear. If you have a high-traffic area exposed to a lot of machine use, metal siding will be your best choice. Although it can become dented, it holds its strength for much longer than Plywood can handle. In fact, our interior metal panels even have a 40-year warranty.

Interior steel Siding Finishes


Weather XL smooth

The Weather XL finish embodies the classic high-gloss appearance typical of metal roofing. With a selection of 21 colors, you have a diverse range to choose from, ensuring you find the perfect color for your preference.

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Weather XL Crinkle

Our Weather XL Crinkle introduces a textured aesthetic to our metal panels. Available in nine colors, this finish seamlessly blends into its surroundings, offering a softer look. Matching fasteners and caulk are also available.

Weather XL smooth

Explore our two Textured Wood Grain finishes exclusively designed for the Wagler Panel and the Board and Batten. These finishes give the appearance of lumber, combining the warmth of wood with the durability of metal.

Trims And Accessories For Interior Steel Siding

Wagler Steel is committed to assisting our customers in finding the optimal interior steel siding solutions for their projects. That’s why we offer a comprehensive selection of interior steel siding trim, fasteners, and various accessories. Regardless of the project you’re undertaking, we provide the necessary products to ensure successful completion.

Whether it’s J-Channel, Gable Flashing, or a variety of trims to complement our interior steel siding panels, we have you covered. Additionally, we offer fasteners, soffits, snow guards, and a diverse array of accessories essential for your interior steel siding project. Explore our range of interior steel siding trims and accessories by clicking below.

FAQ About Interior Steel Siding

Can interior steel siding be painted?

Metal siding can be repainted if you decide on a color change once installed. In fact, metal siding is one of the easier siding materials to paint.

Is interior steel siding easy to clean?

Very much so. Because of its hardness, interior steel siding is very easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, metal siding also doesn’t absorb things, preventing it from staining. The easiest finish to keep clean is the Weathered XL.

Can interior steel siding be used in wet areas like bathrooms?

Yes. interior steel siding is moisture resistant, making it the perfect choice for wet areas, like bathrooms or wash bays. 

Can interior steel siding be installed over existing walls?

interior steel siding can be installed over almost any other material. Ideally, it is fastened to lath that is firmly attached to the wall.

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