Stream Lined Metal Production

At Wagler Steel in Paradise, PA we are all about stream lined metal production. 10 minutes after an order is placed in the office it can be picked up in the shop. Steve, our roll former operator has even been known to roll metal out of the machine directly onto a customer’s truck or trailer.

Our metal is stored in coils, not on stacks of 10, 12, and 14′ sheets on racks throughout the shop. This insures that all your metal will have nice factory cuts, it hasn’t been sitting on racks collecting dust for weeks, doesn’t get scratched from being moved and restacked multiple times, and it is made specifically for each individual job.

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Builders and home owners have found that Wagler Steel is one of the best places in Pennsylvania to buy metal roofing and siding. The metal sold here has high quality Valspar paint with a 40 year warranty. The cost is also hard to beat because Wagler Steel is selling Factory Direct and because it is a smaller family owned business.

Visit or stop by our location at 6 Township Drive, Paradise, PA to learn more about our excellent deals on Metal Roofing and Siding.

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