Roll Former Cleaning Day

We aim to take care of our shop and equipment. We hope our customers will see that philosophy reflected in the products they buy. We do not sell damaged metal. If metal or trim has a scratch or dented it goes to the recycle bin.

Our Shop

Last Wednesday Cliff, our shop manager, decided it is time to clean our Roll Former. The Roll Former is our main piece of equipment. It was made in the USA by MRS Roll Forming Systems. Our trusty machine has made almost 1 million feet of metal and on a recent day it made over 20,000 feet. We have done routine maintenance, kept it greased and the dies clean, but a lot of grit and grime had accumulated on the machine.

Here are a few pictures of roll former cleaning day.

Grit and Grime had accumulated.
Cliff Cleaning the Dirt from the bottom of the former.
The Dies are made from hardened industrial grade alloy and then chrome plated for longevity. 
The Roll Former is good as new.
The Roll Former is ready to roll another million feet.


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