The 36″ Wagler Panel

Our original Wagler Panel is a galvalume panel that looks great on residential, commercial, and agricultural buildings. The advanced loc system provides great protection from the elements.


Our Metal:

Our Panels on a Riding Arena
Wagler Metal
Burnished Slate Metal Roof
Charcoal Textured Metal
Rural Red Roof, Ivory Sides
Burnished Slate and Clay
Burnished Slate Textured
Burnished Slate Textured
Tan Bank Barn
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What is Galvalume metal?

It is an alloy which contains 55% aluminum, 45% zinc, and a small part of silicon.

Why Galvalume*?

What is better? Galvalume or Galvanized.

We elected to sell Galvalume metal for several reasons.

  1. Galvalume coated metal is an excellent choice because it combines the great barrier corrosion protection of Aluminum with the galvanic protection of Zinc. This coating lasts a long time and provides excellent edge rust protection. According to US Steel Corporation website, Galvalume is the preferred product in the industry and outlasts galvanized coating of equal thickness.   
  2. Galvalume panels will show less edge rust than galvanized over a 30-40 year period.
  3. When scratched down to bare metal, Galvalume metal will show a bead of rust quickly, but the ZnAl alloy will keep the rust from spreading.
  4. Bare Acrylic coated Galvalume carries a 25 yr. warranty and should last a good 40+ years.
  5. Galvalume metal maintains a brighter surface appearance when exposed to most atmospheres, according to US Steel.
  6. Galvalume is projected to outlast G90 Galvanized by 9 times. G100 will add approximately 11% more life to G90, but Galvalume will last 4-9 times longer than G90.
  7. Remember that neither substrate will carry a warranty if used in animal confinement (hog or chicken barns).
  8. When comparing the cost and life of Galvalume to G100, Galvalume is the longer lasting and more economical choice.

More information about Galvalume can be found here.

*GALVALUME® is an internationally registered trademark of BIEC International Inc. and some of its licensed producers.