A metal roof is the best financial choice

1.) Metal isn’t as expensive as you might think. In recent years, there has been advancement in metal and paint manufacturing to bring down the price of metal roofs. Also, while standing seam metal is expensive, the most popular roofing panel in the country does not cost much more than shingles.

2.) Metal Roofs last a long, long time. While the average shingle roof lasts around 20 years, Metal roofs last around 50. Wagler Steel Corrugated Metal now comes with a 40-year Valspar Warranty.

Energy Savings. While black Asphalt roofs soak in heat, Metal roofs reflect most of the sun’s rays. This allows your home to stay cooler in the summer.
Tax Credits. Federal Tax Credits are 10% of the roof cost, while State and Local Credits may also be available.
Insurance savings. You can save up to 30% on your homeowner’s insurance with a new metal roof. Contact your insurer to see what discounts they offer.

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