Kendig’s Car Wash

Kendig’s Car Wash recently opened in Lancaster, PA. Chris Kendig and his wife, Karen, purchased a car wash that had fallen into disrepair. After quite a bit of renovation and installation of new equipment they opened and now offer a full washing and detailing service.

kendigs car wash

For the most recent part of the renovation, a facelift was needed for the back of the building, where cars drive into the wash. It was covered with old plywood, that needed painting. The Kendigs decided to cover that with white metal siding from Wagler Steel.

img 2960 2


img 2974 2

After New Metal Siding

The new metal siding looks great and will not need to be repainted for many years. The Kendigs were happy with their choice to use metal from Wagler Steel and we were happy to give their building a face lift.

If you are looking for metal in the Lancaster area, check out Wagler Steel in Paradise, PA. If you are looking for a full service car wash check out Kendig’s Car Wash at 444 Franklin St. Lancaster, PA. Across from McCaskey High School. They do an excellent job!

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