Our First Open House

September 10 was Wagler Steel’s first Open House. The event also served as our Grand Opening. We were happy to welcome over 300 people from the local community. We served pork barbecue and homemade ice cream, gave away door prizes, and did multiple demonstrations on our brand new equipment. Vendors from Valspar, Mill Steel, and Levi’s Building Components were also in the office all day, offering their expert advice.

img 1185

Stephen Wagler announcing a door prize winner. Wagler Steel and our vendors gave away door prizes such as a Yeti Cooler, Wagler Steel merchandise, and multiple power tools. There was also a cash prize of $200 provided by Wagler Steel and Levi’s Building Components.

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Ira Wagler performs a trim folding demonstration

img 1238 1

Clifford and Stephen Wagler performing a demonstration on a brand new, state of the art roll former.

img 1222

Stephen Wagler chatting with local builders

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Guests were served Hess barbecue alongside rolls from Bird in Hand Bakeshop and coleslaw from Oregon Dairy.

img 1181

Tyler Morton making the ice cream with his classic Allis-Chalmers tractor.

img 1223

A young man enjoying his pork barbecue

img 1190

Ira Wagler talking to local builders

img 1196

The Wagler family would like to thank everyone who came out and made this event a success!

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