Wagler Steel Thanks local customers

Wagler Steel would like to thank our customers in the Paradise, PA area. We have shipped metal as far as Virginia, Pittsburgh, and New Jersey, but we really love to see our metal roofing and siding in the local Eastern Lancaster County area.

Here are a few local projects.

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Stream Lined Metal Production

At Wagler Steel in Paradise, PA we are all about stream lined metal production. 10 minutes after an order is placed in the office it can be picked up in the shop. Steve, our roll former operator has even been known to roll metal out of the machine directly onto a customer’s truck or trailer.

Our metal is stored in coils, not on stacks of 10, 12, and 14′ sheets on racks throughout the shop. This insures that all your metal will have nice factory cuts, it hasn’t been sitting on racks collecting dust for weeks, doesn’t get scratched from being moved and restacked multiple times, and it is made specifically for each individual job.

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Builders and home owners have found that Wagler Steel is one of the best places in Pennsylvania to buy metal roofing and siding. The metal sold here has high quality Valspar paint with a 40 year warranty. The cost is also hard to beat because Wagler Steel is selling Factory Direct and because it is a smaller family owned business.

Visit waglersteel.com or stop by our location at 6 Township Drive, Paradise, PA to learn more about our excellent deals on Metal Roofing and Siding.

Our First Anniversary has come and gone!

The local Penny Saver ran this story as we celebrated our 1st anniversary. Thank you all for your business to make our first year successful!

Wagler Steel Celebrates First Anniversary

Wagler Steel, located at 6 Township Drive, Paradise, has been open for one year. The Wagler family has used its 30-plus years of construction experience to create the best possible metal products.

Wagler Steel has two main goals: to deliver high-quality metal roofing and siding and to do it fast. Because Wagler Steel rolls all the metal at the Paradise shop, representatives note that the business can always have metal ready for pickup or delivery on the same day or the next day.

The family-owned business sells metal, trim, and hardware associated with metal roofing. Trim and accessories are stocked at the shop, including screws, insulation, sliding door hardware, closure strips, roof vents, trim coil, and 1-by-4 lumber. Metal is always made to order. The business offers 20 colors of Galvalume metal, which feature a 40-year warranty, along with six textured colors and several galvanized options. It manufactures 28-gauge metal roofing and siding panels, soffits, and trims.

Wagler Steel offers contractor discounts. Free delivery options are available for contractors as well as local homeowners. Wagler Steel’s products can also be purchased through several local lumber yards, including Paneling Sales, Musselman Lumber, and New Holland Supply.

Customers can contact Wagler Steel directly at 717-288-2138, drop by the Paradise location, or visit http://www.waglersteel.com. Business hours are 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays and 7 to 11 a.m. on Saturdays.

Here is the full article online. 



Sliding Door Hardware

At Wagler Steel most of our time and energy is spent making quality metal and trim for contractors and home owners. Our goal is to manufacture quality metal to sell at affordable prices within 2 hours of the Lancaster, PA area.

When we opened a year ago we planned to sell only metal, trim, and a few accessories. Since then we have added additional products. We are now selling sliding door track and side rails in various lengths. We also sell rollers and other hardware. These products are made by MWI and are manufactured in the United States.

Now Stocking Sliding Door Hardware

We are also selling ceiling access doors for metal ceilings. If you use our economical panels for the interior of your building this access door is an easy way to get to the area above the ceiling.

Ceiling Access Doors Available 24×36 and 24×48

Other things we have recently added here at Wagler Steel in Paradise are: Trim nails in most colors, and caulk in all our colors.

Now Stocking Caulk in all our colors.

As we grow will continue to add products that go along with metal roofing and siding. If you think we should carry something let us know and we just might by the next time you call. Our primary goal remains to manufacture and sell quality roofing and siding in the Lancaster area.

Kendig’s Car Wash

Kendig’s Car Wash recently opened in Lancaster, PA. Chris Kendig and his wife, Karen, purchased a car wash that had fallen into disrepair. After quite a bit of renovation and installation of new equipment they opened and now offer a full washing and detailing service.

For the most recent part of the renovation, a facelift was needed for the back of the building, where cars drive into the wash. It was covered with old plywood, that needed painting. The Kendigs decided to cover that with white metal siding from Wagler Steel.

After new Metal Siding

The new metal siding looks great and will not need to be repainted for many years. The Kendigs were happy with their choice to use metal from Wagler Steel and we were happy to give their building a face lift.

If you are looking for metal in the Lancaster area, check out Wagler Steel in Paradise, PA. If you are looking for a full service car wash check out Kendig’s Car Wash at 444 Franklin St. Lancaster, PA. Across from McCaskey High School. They do an excellent job!

Metal Roofs for Chicken Coops

Metal Roofing is an excellent choice for many types of roofing, from houses to barns to animal shelters. One of our customers is Lancaster Chicken Coops. They build a variety of attractive coops, many with metal roofs. Customers can order coops at lancasterchickencoops.com. The coops are made by Amish craftsmen near our shop. They are shipped throughout the country, with some going as far away as Washington State.

If you are looking for a prebuilt coop, check out Lancaster Coops. If you are looking to build your own coop, shed or out building, give us a call at 717-288-2138.

We enjoy serving customers who are doing small DIY projects.  We offer metal in 21 attractive colors. We cut it to length so you don’t have to do much cutting. We offer same or next day pickup so you can have it fast. Let us help you with your next building project.

Efficiency, Recyclability, and Sustainability

Two of the most popular roofing material options are metal panels and asphalt shingles.

One way metal roofing stands out above asphalt shingles, is it is better for the environment. Metal is both energy efficient, sustainable, and 100% recyclable at the end of its lifetime (Cool Metal Roofing Coalition). While the price tag on a metal roof may be higher than that of asphalt shingles, metal roofs are durable and require little upkeep. Asphalt roofs need to be replaced after 15 or 25 years, but metal roofs are fire-resistant and weather-resistant, and can remain from 40 years to a lifetime!

Meanwhile, asphalt shingles cannot be re-used or recycled. Since incinerating these shingles releases harmful gas emissions, shingles are rarely burned. So what happens to all the unwanted shingles from house re-roofing projects? In the United States alone, eleven million tons of shingles per year are added to landfills, where they will stay for another 300 years (The National Association of Home Builders). To put new asphalt shingles down, the existing ones must be removed, but metal panels can be installed directly over existing roofing.

Most metal roofing is also coated with “cool coatings” that reflect sunlight and reduce the need for air conditioning, saving the consumer more money.

Image result for metal roofing energy saving
Graph by (Hollingsworth Roofing, Inc.)




The Classic Metal Panel

The Classic Ag Panel is 36″ wide with ribs every 9 inches

Metal Roofing is used on many different types of structures. Metal can be found on houses, barns, chicken coops, and sheds. The most popular panel used today is known by many names. It is called the Ag Panel, Classic Panel, Sturdi panel, or Tuff rib. This classic and tough panel has been used on roofs across America for generations.

Large companies like Fabral, Central States, and Metal Sales have been manufacturing this  panel for years. These companies sold metal throughout the United States via dealer networks. Customers would place orders and the metal would arrive several weeks later.

In recent years many smaller companies have gotten into the business. These smaller, regional metal formers are able to produce the same strong, attractive panels for less money and with a quicker turn around time. Often metal is available the same day or a day after it is ordered.

As the metal roofing market has tightened, customers have benefited. More metal formers means lower prices, better service, and more quality products. Companies have increased the number of colors they offer. Metal is available in up to twenty different colors ranging from White to Bright Red. A new product from Valspar, called textured paint, is also now available from many local roll formers.

Below are several different applications.

The Barn

The House

The Chicken Coop

The Garage

The Tiny House

The classic metal panel works great for these and many other uses.

Search the web today to find your local metal Roll Former. Chances are there is a company nearby that can make you some great metal today! If you are in Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, or Delaware visit waglersteel.com for all your metal roofing needs. Wagler Steel manufactures the Wagler Panel, a classic metal panel, and all the trims needed to complete your metal project.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Benefits of Metal Roofing:

  1. Best price for the life of the roof
  2. Energy Star Rated
  3. Offers the best protection from wind, rain, snow, and hail
  4. Durable and maintenance free
  5. Solar Reflectivity in metal roofing keeps buildings cooler in summer
  6. Find out how much you can save on energy bills with a metal roof: Click Here