Light Stone Metal Roofing And Siding

You will find the ideal light stone metal roofing and siding products for your building project at Wagler Steel. No matter the size of your building, we can get you the product you need quickly and efficiently so that you can get the job done. With a variety of color and style options, Wagler steel has a solution for commercial, residential, and agricultural structures. Your building will look sharp and crisp with light stone metal panels.

Because of its versatility, you can match it with many of our other colors to create a combination that you like. If you would like to see what the different colors look like on a building, check out our 3D Colorizer tool to visualize your building with specific colors. Request a Free Quote today so that you can see how affordable our product is!

Light Stone Metal Panel Uses

Use our light stone metal panel products for any type of project. From small buildings to large, our panels are designed for houses, barns, workshops, sheds, warehouses and more. Check out some of Featured Projects to see what they can be used for.

Crafted from 26 or 28 gauge Galvalume steel, our panels work well in any roofing or siding application. They even work well as interior siding, especially for workshop or warehouse scenarios. Whether for commercial, agricultural, or residential use, our light stone metal roofing and siding panels will give long-lasting protection from the elements! For any questions, reach out to us at  717-288-2138 or via email at

The Wagler Panel is a versatile siding and roofing panel that will fit any situation. Constructed from 28-gauge Galvalume, this panel promotes style and strength and is an excellent option for outdoor and indoor applications alike. As with all our metal panels, you can order in lengths ranging from 28 inches up to 35 feet.

The Paradise Panel is another panel that we designed and features aspects of both the Wagler Panel and Standing Seam roofing panel. Taller ridges and a rippled effect between ridges make this panel effective both in roofing and siding applications. The Paradise Panel gives a more modern look to your buildings. 

Our Standing Seam metal roofing panels is a design that works well for roofs. Using a heavier gauge metal, they have a bit more strength to withstand heavy snow loads.  Moreover, the contemporary design gives a more modern, sleek look to your project with higher ridges and more space between the ridges. 

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The Board and Batten siding panels replicate traditional board and batten wood siding. Made with 28-gauge Galvalume steel, the panels clip together to form a rustic board and batten look.  These  panels are exclusively designed for siding applications and can be ordered in our textured wood-grain panel style. 


Our Steel Panels are available in 26-28 gauge metal, offering a balance between strength and manageable weight, perfect for roofing or siding applications.


Built from high-quality Galvalume metal, our panels are coated with a layer of zinc, providing excellent rust resistance and extending the panel’s lifespan.


When ordering, you have the flexibility to customize the length to suit your project’s requirements, with panel sizes available from 28 inches up to 35 feet in length.

40-year Paint

Our metal panels are coated with Sherwin-Williams paint formulated to endure for over 40 years, guaranteeing resilient roofing and siding solutions.

Turnaround Time

Understanding that time is of the essence, we strive to process your order within 24-48 hours of placement, ensuring prompt service to meet your deadlines.

Ready to win?

If you need a high-end panel for an upscale residential property, or simple panels for a barn roof or pole barn, we are ready to serve you. No matter the size and scale of the project, we are here for you and your home or business. Forget about long wait times and poor customer service. At Wagler Steel, we are well stocked with what you need, and a real person is just a phone call away!