Steel Coils to Metal Panels

Wagler Steel uses flat rolled Steel Coils to make our metal roofing and trim. All of our steel is sourced from the United States. Most of it comes from Steel Dynamics, Inc.

This year we have seen a steel shortage, and prices are on the rise. Our supply chain has been tested, but we have been able to keep our colors in stock! We are your metal roofing supplier in Lancaster, PA, New Jersey, and Maryland.

Our Steel Coils weigh 4-5 Tons each. They are 40.875″ wide and 4-5,000 feet long.
Our Coils for Standing Seam are only 20.5″ wide.
Each Coil has tags showing weight, linear feet, mill name, and number. This black Textured Coil is like gold right now because there is a shortage on the market.
Our Tipped Coil Racks allow for quick changeover on colors
The flat steel is unrolled
The finished Wagler Panel comes out of the Roll Former.
This Awesome Video shows hour our Flat Rolled Coils are made.

And that’s how the metal roofing and siding at Wagler Steel is made. Call or email us today for a free quote!

Metal v. Asphalt Shingles

Some common questions we are asked.

How long does a metal roof last?
Our metal comes with 40 year limited Sherwin Williams paint warranty, but it will easily last 60 years. This means the paint will likely fade some in 40 years, but the metal will still be good.

How long does an asphalt shingle roof last?
The average lifespan of a shingle roof is 20 years. Although some shingles now offer a 50 year warranty, all we can say is please read the fine print. We have had lots of customers say, “I put on 30 year shingles but they are worn out after 20 years.”

Metal costs more than asphalt right?
False. Right now our standard 40 year Wagler Panel actually costs less than 20 year asphalt shingles. Our metal price is $.77 per sq. ft. Add 30% for trim and accessories and the price is $1.00 per sq. ft. According to Home Depot the current price for 20 year asphalt shingles is $1.32 a sq. ft.

Our 16.25″ Standing Seam Roofing is $2.09 per sq. ft. Add 30% for trim and accessories and the price is $2.72 per sq. ft. According to Home Depot the current price for 40 year asphalt shingles is $1.86 per sq. ft.
So yes, Standing Seam will be a little more, but the standard Wagler Panel will be less than asphalt shingles. And they both come with a 40 year warranty.

Why would I use metal if everyone else on my street is using asphalt shingles?
What’s wrong with standing out a little? Show your neighbors your style with one of our 20 different colors or our textured panel. Ad value to your home with a metal roof. Pay less for insurance with a metal roof. Asphalt shingles are old hat, metal is new, smart and cutting edge!

Is a metal roof really maintenance free?
Yes. Metal will not blow off if installed properly. Most tree branches will not damage a metal roof. While you may lose 3 or for asphalt shingles to a storm, metal will generally be completely maintenance free. It also will not crack, rot, or bubble.

Is metal really recyclable?
Yes. Metal is 100% recyclable. In fact some of our metal is made with recycled steel. While you have to pay someone to take your asphalt shingles (and they will sit in land fills for hundreds of years), someone will actually pay for your old metal and you will not damage the environment.

I like metal, but my local lumber yard says it will take 3 weeks to get it.
False. Metal is available in 1-2 days from local metal roll formers. Most of these shops sell to the public and manufacture metal and trim. They also carry accessories like screws and vents. Their knowledgeable staff will help with your order and make sure you get everything you need.

When thinking about your next roof, please consider metal, and support a local metal roll former like Wagler Steel in Paradise, PA.

Wagler Steel is Used all over the Area.

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Cupolas now Available

Wagler Steel is now selling Cupolas to accent our metal roofing and siding. The cupolas are made by Royal Crowne Outdoor Accents, which is located right next to our shop in Paradise, PA.

IMG_4386 (2)

Royal Crowne cupolas are made with Wagler Steel, so the color will always be an exact match to our metal. The base and the roof are made with metal, while the sides are made of Vynil-PVC. The sides can be painted to match our metal.

7 Reasons to buy a Royal Crowne Cupola from Wagler Steel

  • 120 MPH wind rating
  • Maintenance free – made with Metal and Vynyl-PVC.
  • Installs quickly: Pre-assembled in 3 sections for quick installation.
  • Warranty:
  • Available in sizes from 24″ to 72″
  • Available in several different styles
  • Available in over 20 colors. Metal is exact match to Wagler Steel.


A Day at Work

April 11 was a busy day around here. Below are a few pics of how we operate.
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Get Ready for Spring Projects

Wagler Steel is here to help with any spring roofing or siding projects. Here are some of the things we offer.

  1. We stock Metal coils in over 20 colors. When metal is ordered we manufacture it. Each piece is cut to a specific length to fit the job!
  2. We manufacture all our trim in our shop. Most trim is in stock for pick up. We also sell ventilated soffit in all colors, cut to length.  
  3. We stock a full line of vents, accessories, and fasteners related to metal roofing and siding. Over the past year we have been adding things that our customers requested. We now stock caulk, sliding door hardware, trim coil, and much more. 
  4. We still offer fast production. Just because we have gotten busier, doesn’t mean you can’t pick up your order the same or next day. We love to help customers complete their projects in the nick of time.      
  5. We still offer competitive prices. There have been things in the news lately about steel tariffs. Yes, these tariffs will affect us. However we will keep our prices at our below many of our competitors. Metal prices are still low, so now is the time to buy!
  6. Our metal has a 40 year Valspar Paint warranty. It is fully recyclable, energy efficient, and maintenance free. Consider it on your next building project!Call 717-288-2138 or email:

Roll Former Cleaning Day

We aim to take care of our shop and equipment. We hope our customers will see that philosophy reflected in the products they buy. We do not sell damaged metal. If metal or trim has a scratch or dented it goes to the recycle bin.

Our Shop

Last Wednesday Cliff, our shop manager, decided it is time to clean our Roll Former. The Roll Former is our main piece of equipment. It was made in the USA by MRS Roll Forming Systems. Our trusty machine has made almost 1 million feet of metal and on a recent day it made over 20,000 feet. We have done routine maintenance, kept it greased and the dies clean, but a lot of grit and grime had accumulated on the machine.

Here are a few pictures of roll former cleaning day.

Grit and Grime had accumulated.

Cliff Cleaning the Dirt from the bottom of the former.

The Dies are made from hardened industrial grade alloy and then chrome plated for longevity. 

The Roll Former is good as new.

The Roll Former is ready to roll another million feet.


A Metal Roof Is the Best Financial Choice

When installing a new roof on your home, consider that Metal is the best financial choice.
Why is this?

  1. Metal isn’t as expensive as you might think. In recent years there has been advancement in metal and paint manufacturing to bring down the price of metal roofs. Also, while standing seam metal is expensive, the most popular roofing panel in the country does not cost much more than shingles.
  2. Metal Roofs last a long, long time. While the average shingle roof lasts around 20 years, Metal roofs last around 50. Wagler Steel Corrugated Metal now comes with a 40 year Valspar Warranty.
  3. Energy Savings. While black Asphalt roofs soak in heat, Metal roofs reflect most of the sun’s rays. This allows your home to stay cooler in the summer.
  4. Tax Credits. Federal Tax Credits are 10% of the roof cost while State and Local Credits may also be available.
  5. Insurance savings. You can save up to 30% on your homeowners insurance with a new metal roof. Contact your insurer to see what discounts they offer.